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      Yantai Heatex Biochemical & Technology Co., Ltd  is specialized  in research, development, production environmental organic seaweed fertilizers in China.


      The source of huge type fresh kelp is growing in Bohai Ocean nearby Yantai where our processing 

factory and R&D center are located; our factory has 3 production lines, including seaweed extract powder, seaweed liquid fertilizers, organic granular fertilizer and 2 automatic packing lines. Moreover, there are two seaweed material breeding bases in east coast line.


      Today we have developmented 8 series and more than 20 kinds of product, Our main product includes Seaweed Extract Fertilizers (foliar application and fertigation), seaweed extract powder, Seaweed Mushy Concentrated Fertilizer, Amino Acid Fertilizer,Fulvic acid fertilizer,Organic granule fertilizer,100% water-soluble NPK fertilizer etc.


      Potassium humate and humic acid as new products has been developmented and promoted on market from 2006. we had invested the biggest coal mine In HEILONG JIANG province which have best natural resources of lignite. Humic acid content more than 60% in which the Fulvic acid content more than 20% and organic matter content more than 70%. 


      With the advanced equipment, the high-tech process craft, professional staffs and experience of sale service. Heatex, through its products, aims to achieve the best results for farmers, augment their prosperity through enhanced productivity .


      The products were very popular in the domestic market; the market net has covered every province in China. There are also many demands from overseas market and are increasing quickly in recent years. We already set distributors in some foreign countries.


      Heatex has acquired the necessary certifications for the manufacture and supply of various fertilizers and soil conditioning products in compliance with the international standards: ISO9001, organic certificate approved by IFOAM.


      Heatex has obtained client's admiration for its natural, organic, effective and environmental protection products, efficient quality, technical service for farmer and impressive Brand.


      We sincerely welcome customers to cooperate with us to establish stable and long-term business relationship for our mutual benefit in the future.



Vision :

      Heatex as a preferred manufacturer and marketer of organic seaweed fertilizer by developing robust marketing network and export channel with manufacturing base set up across China.




      To Create and offer energy efficient fertilizer that enhance the crop yield by augmenting farmer’s economic growth. Thereby, emerge as a dynamic, continuous research, environmentally sensitive organization.


      A well nurtured, healthy soil is the vital source of healthy agriculture cultivated with the roots of sustainability. The need of the times is that the world resort to using organic fertilizers that ensure earth-friendliness, improved health of the soil & plant and augmented economic prosperity of the community.

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