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  • Product name: Double Driving
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  • Added time: 2014-01-27
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Dobule driving: two formular of liquid fertilizer 

Main ingredient: 

Red Bottle: 500g

Alginate 15g/L    


Organic mater150g/L,TE:2g/L


White Bottle:500g 


Main Effects:

*Increase plant photosynthesis; promote absorption of nutrient, increase output 15%-50%.

* Promote root growth, improve soil conditions.

*Expedite sugar and nutrient move and transformation to increase crops quality and mature.

* Promote pollination, guarantee the flower and fruits.

* Increase plant resistance to drought, cold, diseases and pests; lengthen the storage of agricultural products.

 Application methods:

1. Dilute it with water for 800-1,000 times

2. Spray the leaves 3-5 times in the whole growing period

 Attention matters

1.      It is available to spray in the early morning or the evening.

2.      Avoid the intense sunshine

3.      Store the product at the cool and dried place.

4.      it can be used together with pesticide.

 Validity: 4years

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